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Xango - LED Smart Mask 3.0

Xango - LED Smart Mask 3.0

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  • Unlimited Faces
  • Mobile App Integration
  • Supports Photo Uploads
  • Rechargeable & Long Battery Life

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Choose from Unlimited Faces!

The Face of the Future! Explore infinite amount of faces and possibilities with the LED Smart Mask!

  • 45 animated effects + 70 faces to choose from
  • Unlimited photo uploads and transforming sequences

As Seen On

 You can be Anyone You want to be!

See it in Action

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Full Customization With Our Exclusive Smartphone App

Fun to Use on All Occasions

Whether it's Halloween, Christmas, a rave party or concert, you're sure to have a blast and enjoy the best time of your life!

High-Quality Fit and Comfort

All around comfort and adjustable for any head size. Soft silicon comfort for hours. Able to fit glasses underneath the visor. The HD LED display holds 2074 LED lights. Adjust the brightness with our smart app.

Recharge & Remask

Mask is equipped with a lithium ion battery that lasts up to 12 hours with 1 hour of charge! Quick charging USB Type-C cord included.

What's Included:

1. LED Smart Mask
2. Fast Charging Power Cord (for USB)
3. Free App for IOS & Android

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you see out of the mask?
There are two windows in the eye part of our mask. You can see the outside through these two windows with full range.
What size is the mask?
One size fits all. All-around comfort for any sized head or age.
Can you wear it with glasses?
The mask is able to fit small to medium-sized glasses underneath the eye visor
How thick is the mask? Will it muffle you voice if you talked into a microphone while wearing it?
The thickness of the lower part of the mask is between 1.5-1.8cm. The mask does not add any sound insulation material, and it will not affect your voice under normal circumstances.
Does the mask have a microphone on it or does it just take the sound from your device that's connected?
It has a microphone that will listen and react to noises. It also has a playlist option available for music downloaded on your phone.
How many pixels does the display have?
The full RGB lamp display has 2074 illuminated beads!
What is the charger type?
USB Type-C
What is the app called on the app store?
The app is called 'shining mask' on the app store (put picture attached)
Is there a warranty included?
The LED Face Mask comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee included with every purchase. We have a 2-Year Protection Plan available to purchase that protects it from electrical or physical damage at the fraction of the cost of the mask.
What are the shipping times
If you order a today, it will arrived in 5-7 days


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